The Power of Professional Collection

We have heard it said that the only meaningful measure of performance in debt collection is the money collected.

By this standard alone, Hudson Law Offices is extraordinarily effective for our clients. Our practice has compiled an outstanding record in the collection of accounts receivables that has consistently exceeded industry standards But, debt collection in today's business environment requires more than this. It is a complex arena that demands professionalism at many levels. Hudson Law Offices is this professional solution.

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We bring a proven blend of technical, legal and human relations skills to work on your behalf. We have also built a foundation of trust with our clients based on our responsiveness to their needs and meticulous attention to communicating throughout the debt collection process. This is the power of professional collection. It is what you can expect from Hudson Law Offices.

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Practice Overview
Hudson Law Offices is a collection law practice founded in 1997 to provide our clients with a comprehensive debt collection solution. We have the capability to handle the entire range of debt collection activities and the expertise to handle the most complex claims.

Service Commitment
We see our role as extending beyond the traditional attorney/client relationship to one of creating a working partnership with our clients. We will work closely with your staff to ensure that your collection effort is continuous and on a fast track.

Industry Experience
Hudson Law Offices has an extensive background in both commercial and retail debt collections. Chances are excellent that we have direct experience in your industry type, giving us added insight to pursue your claim successfully.

Rate Structures & Service Area
Hudson Law Offices works principally on a contingent fee arrangement. We offer an accommodated rate structure based on the number of claims placed. When requested by the client, we also have an hourly rate fee structure available.